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Just reminding you of these things..

chelseawelseyknight now i’m reminding you of these things <3

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egbertsbooty: argentina's helpline website has a typo, it's "familiardesuicida" instead of "familiardescuicida"

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention! I will fix it right away

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If anything comes from Robin Williams’ death, I hope it brings more awareness to depression. Even someone so outwardly upbeat and full of life can succumb to depression.

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a little comic dedicated to a friend

I needed this really bad. thank you.

I’m literally crying. This is so important.

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Love yourself above all else and the right people will like you because everyone is beautiful to someone!! :)

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Here is a mini yoga master list on yoga for curing anxiety and depression. I’m not a therapist but I know yoga can help alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms.  I hope this can help at least one person.  Whatever you may be going through, remember that it’s only temporary and things will get better soon.  Remember to be sunny

Yoga Videos

Guided Meditations 

Music to Relax To: Most of these are soothing sounds that can last up to 10 hours! Lay down and take a few deep breaths while listening to these soothing sounds.

Remember to smile :)

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You are allowed to free yourself from the belief that you are undeserving of happiness.

Together We Are Strong is a safe place for those of us battling mental illness(es) to talk about our problems. Here, you may seek advice from our admins or from one of our countless volunteers who are more than willing to talk, and you can find inspirational photos, quotes, and memes.

This is a sanctuary to visit when you're feeling down or have lost hope - we're here to help. And above all, we understand.

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